Regeneration and Relaxation Zone
Regeneration is an integral part of the treatment process and workouts. It allows you to relax all your muscles, is of benefit to your health in many ways and makes you feel better. This can help you relax after a hard day. You will recharge your betters and feel full of energy..

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Manual therapy

This form of therapy is used to eliminate pathological disorders of the motor system and to restore the right range of mobility. This method can help significantly reduce the time needed to make a recovery and to reduce the requirement for pharmaceuticals.

Health and relaxation massage

Massage stimulates muscles, the skin and blood circulation, as well as the nervous system. It helps eliminate involuntary muscle tension, restoring correct heart rhythm, blood circulation and blood pressure, and it can even help stop insomnia.

Underwater pressure massage

This treatment involves applying a high-pressure jet of water under the water to relax your tissues, reduce nerve tension, improve blood supply and alleviate pain. It will also make you feel better and improve you metabolism.

Pearl massage

Pearl massage uses special baths with water pressure and temperature adjustment. This massage will relax your muscles, expand your peripheral veins, alleviate pain and reduce tissue tension.

Whirlpool therapy for legs and arms

This treatment uses water with a temperature of around 36⁰C. Whirling water gently stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves tissue metabolism, reduces scars and alleviates contractures.


This is also known as colour therapy. It has calming, relaxing and stimulating effects, while increasing the effectiveness of hydrotherapy to make patients patients feel even better.