Occupational Medicine Consultations

Our occupational medicine doctors offer:

  • pre-employment health check-ups
  • periodical health check-ups
  • follow-up checks
  • driver’s medical examinations
  • examinations for sanitary and epidemiological purposes
  • examinations/tests for people exposed to ionising radiation
  • examinations for people applying for a firearms license

Specialist medical consultations:

  • ophthalmology
  • neurology
  • ENT

Additional services:

  • diagnostic laboratory tests
  • diagnostic imaging (X-ray)
  • ECG, audiometry, spirometry
  • glare and twilight vision tests
  • visual field tests

Psychotechnical and psychological tests:

  • examinations for driver licencing purposes (all categories)
  • driver’s medical examinations for professional drivers
  • driver’s medical examinations for company car drivers
  • examinations for personnel doing jobs that require special psychomotor skills (e.g. people working at elevated heights)

What makes us out stand?

Your benefits at BetaMed S.A. Medical Centre:

  • a specific time for your appointment
  • free parking
  • easy access
  • same-day service for tests
  • modern surgeries
  • dedicated consultants for business clients

Easy access to BetaMed S.A. Medical Centre:

BetaMed S.A. Medical Centre
Racławicka 20a Street
41-506 Chorzów

Patient Service Office
Phone (for business clients): +48 519 304 847
Phone (for private individuals): +48 32 420 29 83
Email: medycynapracy@betamed.pl

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM