Laboratory tests

Our medical centre provides a range of laboratory tests. We offer basic tests such as urine and faeces count tests, as well as a range of biochemical and serology blood tests.

Other tests are also available, including thyroid diagnostic tests, hormonal tests, tests for diabetes, infections and parasites, as well as immunoglobulin count tests.

Check the full range of our tests:

No prior appointment is required for laboratory tests.

Samples are accepted from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 10 AM.

Tests are performed by Diagnostyka Analytical Laboratories.

Our patients are provided with:

  • short waiting times for tests
  • professional and friendly personnel
  • payment by card
  • modern, air-conditioned surgeries and other rooms
  • a large and free car park

We offer our patients and their families a number of carefully designed packages of laboratory tests depending on your sex and age or the health needs of your family.

We offer the following packages:

  • Standard Test Package
  • Premium Test Package
  • Premium+ Test Package
  • Children’s Test Package
  • Man’s Test Package
  • Mature Lady’s Test Package
  • Lady’s Hormone Test Package
  • Anemic Patient’s Test Package
  • Heart Function Test Package
  • Liver Function Test Package
  • Thyroid Gland Function Test Package
  • Kidney Function Test Package

Call us and make an appointment:

☎️ +48 32 420 29 00
📱 +48 519 308 200